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Lipodissolve Gold Coast

What is Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. The main ingredient in Lipodissolve is a naturally occurring chemical that emulsifies and breaks down fat and cholesterol, and has also been used by Doctors for many years to prevent fat embolism in the blood.

How does it work?

When injected directly into fat deposits, Lipodissolve works by;

  • Breaking down and emulsifying fat
  • Modifying the biology of the fat cell
  • Blocking the signals of fat accumulation
  • Triggering the release of stored fat
  • Helping the natural metabolic process during which fat is melted away and then eliminated from your body.

Lipodissolve is not a miracle cure for weight reduction, however, in the case of fat deposits that can't be removed by diet or exercise alone, then Lipodissolve injections can be an effective treatment choice.

What areas can be treated?

The most common areas treated with Lipodissolve are;

  • Double Chin
  • Jowls
  • Abdomen
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Back Fat                                                   
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Saddle Bags (Hips)
  • Upper Arms
  • Love Handles
  • Eye Fat Pads
  • Lipodissolve can also be used to improve cellulite and to reduce superficial Lipomas 

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What does treatment with Lipodissolve involve?

As with any procedure a full medical history is taken and consultation with a Euphoria medical professional is carried out to ensure this is the right treatment for you.

Your measurements and photographs are taken (photographs are so you can see the changes after your treatments and are confidential). If required, local anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. The injections used to administer Lipodissolve are tiny and therefore it is not usually painful, but there can be slight discomfort depending on the area being treated.

If the area being treated is on your body we recommend wearing loose fitting clothing to your appointment.

The actual treatment takes only 5 to 10 minutes and most people can return to their daily activities straight away, however, we recommend that you schedule treatments towards the end of the day in case of post treatment swelling and discomfort.

What happens after your treatment?

Immediately after your treatment it is expected that you will have some discomfort, redness, swelling and sometimes bruising, which may last for about 1 week.   
Very rare side effects can include, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, infection and prolonged bruising. Occasionally people have experienced localised itching and temporary numbness in the treated area.
Side effects are easily managed with ice packs and mild pain relief such as Paracetamol.
It is encouraged that you drink plenty of water following your treatment as this will assist in the elimination of toxins and emulsified fat. 

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How many treatments will you need?

The number of treatments required differs from person to person, depending on treatment area and size. As a general indication, 4 - 6 treatments with intervals of 2 - 4 weeks are necessary to achieve an optimum result.

Results will also differ from person to person, and as mentioned earlier it is not a weight loss treatment, more a sculpting, contouring treatment. Following a healthy diet and regular exercise will greatly improve your results.

How do you know if Lipodissolve is right for you?

Lipodissolve is suitable if you are wanting to reduce small localised fat deposits that are resistant to diet or exercise.

If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, planning a pregnancy in the next 6 months or you have severe liver or kidney problems, auto-immune diseases such as Lupus or immunodeficiency, you are not a suitable candidate for Lipodissolve treatment.

How much will my treatment cost?

It is difficult to give an accurate quote without seeing you in person as individual needs will vary. We offer free consultations to discuss treatment options and we can then provide you with a quote. Call us on 0755140614 to organise a time to come in.

For more information call the clinic (07) 55140614 or click here to see our Lipodissolve FAQ's

Lipodissolve Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a good candidate for Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve is ideally suited to people who have small fatty deposits that won't budge even with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

It is has also proven to be effective in correcting irregularities post Liposuction.
Lipodissolve is not a weight loss treatment, rather an adjunct to diet & exercise.
Can Lipodissolve be used to reduce lower eye fat?

Yes, Lipodissolve can be used to reduce fat from lower eye pads, it is essential that you have a consultation prior to your treatment to properly assess this area and your suitability for treatment.

How is Lipodissolve administered?

Numbing cream is applied to the area for 15 minutes prior to your treatment. Lipodissolve is then administered to the selected treatment area/s using very fine needles or Dermapen. The actual injecting process is virtually pain free and very quick.

How soon will you see results & how many treatments will you need?

Within 2 weeks the treated areas slowly begin to soften, any minor bruising resolves and the fatty tissue thickness gradually begins to reduce. Most people begin to notice contour improvement around the 8th week & the maximum fat loss occurs between the 8th and 12th week, this is when the maximum changes in contours are noted. 

As it can take your body up to 12 weeks to fully remove the dissolved fat, permanent improvements continue to occur up to this time. 
Slight lumpiness due to the body preparing the fat cell contents for elimination can sometimes be felt (but not seen) in the treated areas during the first 10 weeks.
Lipodissolve offers a very gentle and simple solution to permanently improve unwanted fatty deposits – forever!
For optimum results we recommend 4 to 6 treatments, 2 to 4 weeks apart.
What will you look & feel like after your treatment with Lipodissolve?

Immediately following your Lipodissolve treatment you will have some redness and may experience a burning, stinging sensation (similar to that of sunburn). You will also have some swelling and tenderness around the treated area and occasionally bruising which may last for a few days to a week or so after your treatment.

It is advised that you wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Swelling and tenderness can be relieved with ice and mild pain relief such as Paracetamol. 
Will Lipodissolve hurt?

As with most treatments involving needles there is some mild discomfort during the procedure. However, pain is minimized through application of numbing cream and using ice packs, the needles used to administer Lipodissolve are extremely tiny and it only takes about 5 minutes to treat an average to large sized area. If you are concerned about pain please discuss this with our Nurse Rachel at your consultation appointment.