Cosmetic Treatments

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Our skin, by nature, provides an effective barrier to external insults which is also why most cosmetic products applied directly onto the skins surface, often fail to penetrate to the deeper dermal layer where they are most needed.


Lipodissolve is a non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. The main ingredient in Lipodissolve is a naturally occurring chemical that emulsifies and breaks down fat and cholesterol, and has also been used by Doctors for many years to prevent fat embolism in the blood.

Skin Peels

Skin peels are also beneficial in preparing your skin for other treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatments & volumising injections. When your skin is in optimum condition you will achieve better and longer lasting results.

Dermapen Advanced Skin Needling

Dermapen is an advanced form of skin needling that uses vertical skin needling technology, multiple tiny needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function.