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Why are they called anti-wrinkle injections?

Posted on 27 July 2016

Why are they called anti-wrinkle injections?

There is sometimes confusion about what treatment this description is actually referring to. "Anti-Wrinkle Injections" is simply the allowed description to be used by clinics for the actual treatment itself of "Anti-Wrinkle Injections". You may be familiar with some of the brand names of "Anti-Wrinkle" medications currently used in Australia, this is largely due to the fact that advertising laws in relation to certain medicines are quite different from country to country. In America for example, one particular brand is often talked about in television shows and movies so most people are quite familiar with this particular brand name. Importantly, a brand name is simply that; it is not the actual medication itself. A good example of this is when people call a tissue a "Kleenex". 

In Australia, legislation prevents clinics from naming brands or active ingredients of schedule 4 medications in any advertising material or websites, etc. Non-medical reception staff are not allowed to discuss these medications with you and this must be done by a medical practitioner. This is why they are called "Anti-Wrinkle Injections".

We understand what a headache it can be trying to decode the cryptic language we are required to use. Our Registered Nurse can discuss all of this with you in detail including which brands are used when you come in for a consultation. 


Information provided is for general information only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Euphoria provides a free consultation with our Registered Nurse to assess your suitability for treatment, discuss your medical history and advise you of any potential side effects and/or risks. Injectable cosmetic treatments are Doctor prescribed. Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional.