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What is a skin booster dermal filler?

Posted on 14 October 2016

What is a Skin Booster?

A Skin Booster is a type of dermal filler used to improve the skin's quality by boosting hydration levels deep within the skin and increasing its smoothness, elasticity and firmness. 

How Does This Treatment Work?

Skin Boosters are especially designed to deliver deep skin hydration. This means increasing hydration levels within the skin to deliver lasting moisture and improvements on the skin's surface. 

The product is plant derived but is almost identical to a naturally occurring substance already found in our bodies. One of the main roles of this substance in the body is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. As we age, the amount of this substance diminishes.

Your body will gradually break down the Skin Boosters over time. To sustain the result it is recommended to have regular maintenance treatments, perhaps once or twice a year.


before skin booster

Before treatment with skin boosters. Image supplied by Galderma. Individual results may vary.

021 afterVital Skin Booster

After treatment with skin boosters. Image supplied by Galderma. Individual results may vary.


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