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What are the Different Options for Lip Fillers?

Posted on 14 October 2016

What Are The Different Options For Lip Fillers?

The fillers used at Euphoria are all made of the same gel-like substance, but there are some variations between the products, allowing us to use the most suitable product for what we are hoping to achieve. The thickness of the product will generally determine how and where a dermal filler is used.

The fillers used in the lips at Euphoria can generally be classified into 2 categories:

Hydrating Fillers

These are very fine fillers used for general hydration or very subtle enhancement of the lips, but not for shaping or adding a lot of volume.

Fine Fillers or Fillers Specifically Made for the Lips

These are fillers which can be used for contouring of the lips, reducing fine lines, correcting asymmetries, and adding/restoring volume to the lips. There are multiple products from this category that may be used and the Nurse will advise you of the best option for you during your consultation.



Photo supplied by Euphoria Cosmedic with permission from client. Individual results may vary.


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