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We have the secret to naturally longer lashes

Posted on 6 October 2015

Lovely, Long Lashes

Keeping to the topic we brought you last month of lovely naturally longer lashes with Cherry Blooms mascara extensions, we thought we'd tell you about our other miracle lash product. It's not new to Euphoria, but some of you may not have heard about it and it is such a perfect product to use with your Cherry Blooms, or even if you just want to stimulate lash (or eyebrow!) growth in general.

What is this miracle product?

This product is a little different to the Cherry Blooms we have already discussed. It's not a cosmetic, but rather an eye-lash/brow serum that will stimulate your hair growth when applied to the root of the hair (the hair follicle). 

It is also prescription only, so you are required to have a consult and a prescription before buying it from us. The consult will generally be very brief though as well as free of charge, so you are only paying for your serum. You will need a very fine brush (fine eyeliner brush or nail art brush) to apply it with, which you can get for a few dollars from any chemist or similar. 

'I've used Eyelash Serums Before - they don't work!'

Because this is a prescription product, it is not like other lash serums you have ever tried off the shelf. Non-prescription serums can't possibly legally contain the same ingredients. This formula has been through pharmaceutical testing to prove that it works.

Where did it come from?

This particular product was discovered by mistake, as a lot of pharmaceutical and medicinal miracle products and cures are! It was,and still is, used as a medicinal eye drop but after using the product for a little while patients were reporting much longer and thicker lash growth! It was then studied for that purpose and proven to be suitable for just that! When using it as a hair stimulant, we obviously do not apply it to the eye itself, it simply gets applied like eyeliner to you lash roots, or eyebrows where you want more growth.

For any further information on how you can grow naturally longer and thicker lashes, pop in to the clinic or call us on 0755140614