Treatments for Men

Posted on 14 October 2016

Treatments For Men

Let's face it, we all have skin...we all age...and we all want to look and feel our best! Men and women do, however, age differently.

I hate to admit it, but in most circumstances men age better than their female counterparts. What looks 'characteristic' and 'distinguished' on a man, doesn't always look so appealing on a woman.

Treatments commonly performed at Euphoria include:

Hyperhidrosis ​(Excessive sweating, mainly in armpits but also hands and feet)

We are able to significantly reduce excessive underarm sweating using anti-wrinkle medication. Wearing only dark shirts can be a thing of the past, treatment is quick and can be very effective and results typically last up to around 9 months.

 Euphoria Cosmedic Clinic Hyperhidrosis Treatments For Men


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

To treat and prevent lines on forehead, frown lines and crows feet (eyes)

Dermal Filler for Added Volume

To restore and define cheek volume and contours, strengthen the jaw line, shape noses, soften deep folds and wrinkles and improve skin health and vitality.

Skin Peels

To resurface outer skin layers and stimulate collagen production for a healthy and freshened appearance.

Dermapen Skin Needling

Electronic needling to the dermal layer of your skin to promote collagen and elastin (what gives your skin support and elasticity), plus the ability to deliver active ingredients directly to the dermal layer of your skin (where all the good things happen)

Prescriptive & Non-Prescriptive Skin Care

The benefits of a good and consistent skin care routine are as important as all of the above and yes, even you blokes need to take care of your skin on a daily basis. That doesn't mean it has to be complicated or time consuming. Talk to us to see how we can get you started today.


For more information or to arrange a free consultation with our Registered Nurse Rachel at Euphoria Cosmedic email or call 07 5514 0614.

Information provided is for general information only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Euphoria provides a free consultation with our Registered Nurse to assess your suitability for treatment, discuss your medical history and advise you of any potential side effects and/or risks. Injectable cosmetic treatments are Doctor prescribed. Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional.