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When It Comes To Lip Filler Treatments, Experience Matters!

Posted on 17 March 2017

Experience and ability of your injector really does matter! A skilled injector knows the art of creating a natural looking result that merely enhances one’s beauty and balances their facial...

What is a skin booster dermal filler?

Posted on 14 October 2016

A Skin Booster is a type of dermal filler used to improve the skin's quality by boosting hydration levels deep within the skin and increasing its smoothness, elasticity and firmness. 

What are the Different Options for Lip Fillers?

Posted on 14 October 2016

The fillers used at Euphoria are all made of the same gel-like substance, but there are some variations between the products, allowing us to use the most suitable product for...

What is a Cheek Filler?

Posted on 14 October 2016

Although it is made of the same gel-like substance as other temporary fillers used at Euphoria, filler used in the cheeks is generally much thicker than those used in the...

What happens when my dermal filler results wear off?

Posted on 14 September 2016

The dermal fillers used at Euphoria Cosmedic Clinic are made from complex sugar chains and are combined with a unique stabilisation process to make them last.

What is dermal filler made of?

Posted on 2 September 2016

Due to legislation regarding S4 medications, we are unable to name active ingredients or mention product brand names, but what we can say is the ingredient in Dermal Fillers is a...

How long does a dermal filler last?

Posted on 12 August 2016

The length of time that your treatment will last will vary depending on your age, skin condition and lifestyle habits, as well as the type and amount of dermal filler...

Will my dermal filler treatment hurt?

Posted on 5 August 2016

It is understandable to feel apprehensive about having a dermal filler treatment for the first time.

The Difference Between Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

Posted on 27 July 2016

The terms ‘Anti-Wrinkle Injections’ and ‘Dermal Fillers’ may sound familiar to you, but you may still not know what each actually is, what they do and don't treat, and how...

Facial Contouring using dermal fillers

Posted on 1 March 2016

 Whether you 'keep up with the Kardashians' or simply have an interest in makeup in general, you have probably seen the amazing things achieved using makeup contouring techniques.