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Get 3 Times Longer Lashes in just 60-seconds

Posted on 24 September 2015

Introducing Cherry Blooms, Brush On Fiber Lash Extensions!

Where can we start?  This AH-MAZING product we have just begun to stock at Euphoria has far exceeded both our expectations and our clients expectations. It is no wonder this Gold Coast-based company is now an internationally recognised brand taking the world by storm!

In a nutshell: this product is an all natural mascara-like product that you apply to your lashes to make them look 3 times longer and thicker! If that's not enough, let me fill you in on all the details!

But first, watch this quick video to get you up to speed on why we are so excited about this product!

cherry blooms fiber lash extensions video

How does it work?

There's no mystery to this product. It's just two simple products, one is a beeswax gel mascara, which goes on exactly like any mascara, so that's easy. The other is a tube of natural plant-based 'fibers' that you easily brush on like mascara as well, after the gel. The natural fibers then stick to the mascara gel, giving amazing volume and length, producing a building effect on your lashes as you apply.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are plentiful and impressive! With so much going on for this product, we only wish we had discovered it sooner!

All natural, beeswax and plant-based

The product is all natural, but also contains high quality Beeswax, which has it's own list of benefits! The Beeswax is conditioning to lashes, anti-bacterial so product doesn't breed bacteria, and it stimulates lash growth. The Fibers are made from plant cellulose.

Non-toxic, non-irritating, safe for the eyes

In addition to this, the fact that it is non-toxic means it can safely be used on anyone, and is great for those with sensitive eyes, even contact wearers.

Cruelty free

They don't test on animals and in 2015 they even became PETA approved, which is important to us here as well. 

Say goodbye to ruined lashes, wasted time & money

Anything that looks as good as eyelash extensions but doesn't involve the damaging process is a winner! A lot of you are probably like me and have tried eyelash extensions in the past and have had your lashes ruined from this experience. The inability to sleep with your face smooshed up in the pillow without consequence made them unsuitable for me as well. Not to mention the cost and the time put into lash extensions every couple o weeks!

Let's be honest, stick on lashes can be hard to do yourself. You may get one eye on and looking good, but then your finger gets all gluey and you accidentally rip the second one off as you pull you finger away. Noooooo! Some people may be masters at falsies, but it's still not going to be easier than this product! Cherry Blooms is literally like applying a mascara!, making it an every day option, not something that will take you any longer in the morning! One kit should last you 3 months if applied every day.

30 day money back guarantee!

Cherry Blooms are so confident with their product's quality and the level of customer satisfaction that they offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is not something we have ever seen from any other makeup company! This is a true testament to the fact that they know how much you will love your lashes.

ashlee schwartz before and after cherry blooms

Where did they come from?

Cherry Blooms started out in 2008 as a weekend market stall in Brisbane! The founder is 32 year old Gold Coaster, Jallaine Dee, who gained her inspiration for this product when she found a similar product in Korea and knew that she could create a natural product like this that all women could use! Jallaine promoted her product at local shopping centers where she sold out, then took her lashes to the largest beauty expo in the world, in Las Vegas. Soon after this she had people wanting to sign contracts to distribute her amazing product and the rest is history! 

 This is truly an amazing product that perhaps need to be seen to be believed, but we welcome anyone wanting to try it out first to come on down and see us at Euphoria for yourselves before you buy! But remember, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee, so if for some reason you weren't happy having amazing long, thick lashes and wanted to give it back, you can do so and receive a full refund. We are selling this amazing product at $69 for the 2 product kit, an absolute bargain for the quality and result of this amazing product!

For any more information, please get in touch! 

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