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Foundations for Dry Skin

Posted on 12 January 2016

Youngblood Foundations for Dry Skin

To complement our most recent post for dry skin (Youngblood Minerals; More Than Just Makeup), we have put together some information about the perfect foundations for dry or dehydrated skin. 


Mineral Radiance Crème to Powder Foundation

Long-wearing, lightweight 2-in-1 foundation glides on smoothly with a creamy feel and sets to a luminous powdery finish, keeps the skin hydrated and with subtle coverage.

(Contains Laminaria Ochroleuca - an antioxidant that shields against environmental damage, Seve Marine helps improve skin to retain moisture, Peptides, Linoleic Acid and Spent Grain Wax is a highly effective blend that helps to reduce redness and irritation.)

Pro Tip:
For more adjustable coverage, use the Liquid Foundation Brush.

Lightweight.      Creamy.     Luminous.


Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint (GREAT for dehydrated skin)

Lightweight tinted moisturizer evens skin tone with sheer colour and a dewy glow.

Contains natural antioxidants and botanicals to hydrate, nourish and protect skin.

(Features Youngblood’s signature mineral blend of Rhodolite, Zincite, Malachite and Hematite to shield delicate skin tissue, Seve Marine helps to improve the skin to retain moisture, Kiwi Extract provides antioxidant properties and Licorice Root an antioxidant that conditions the skin and helps retain moisture.)

Sheer.     Lightweight.     Dewy.


Liquid Mineral Foundation (GREAT for dehydrated skin)

Infused with rare Reduced Salt Deep Sea Water to smooth and hydrate the skin, a unique blend of soothing botanicals and more than 20 ocean minerals (including iron, potassium, magnesium and copper) creates a soft silky, pore-free appearance.

(Contains Deep Sea Water that delivers intensive moisture, Allantoin is a skin protector that offers calming, soothing and anti-irritant benefits; helps to increase the water content in the skin reducing irritation and redness, Calendula Extract for skin conditioning, Green Tea Extract and Cactus Flower Extract are natural antioxidants and Cucumber Extract keeps the skin soft.)

Pro Tip;
For ultimate coverage, blend Natural Loose Foundation with Liquid Mineral Foundation.                                                        
  Hydrating.        Radiant.      Soothing.


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