Anti-Wrinkle Injections Gold Coast

Q Are there any side effects and what will I look like immediately after my treatment?

As with any treatment, there are mild, temporary side effects associated with the use of anti-wrinkle injections. Slight swelling, discomfort and redness may occur at the injection site; this is minimal and will resolve after approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Occasionally bruising can occur and this is easily covered with mineral make-up if required.

Some people have reported a slight headache or flu like symptoms after treatment.

Extremely rarely, muscles adjacent to the area being treated may inadvertently be affected which can cause temporary drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow. This is an extremely rare and temporary occurrence and will resolve itself, in most cases without any intervention.

Your treatment will only ever be performed by a fully trained, highly experienced medical professional.
You won't look any different immediately following your treatment as the effects of anti-wrinkle injections start to work gradually over 10-14 days, therefore, following your treatment you can carry on with your normal daily activities with the exception of intense exercise, spas, saunas or massage to the treated areas within the first 24–48 hrs, this is to avoid any possible temporary side effects and will be discussed with you at the time of your treatment.

Q How do you know if anti-wrinkle injections are right for you?

Almost anyone can have anti-wrinkle injections with the exception of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you suffer from neuromuscular conditions such as myasthenia gravis, or if you are considered too young.
Deciding if this is the right treatment for you is a personal decision and should only be made after consultation with an experienced medical professional.

Call Euphoria now on (07) 5514 0614 to make an appointment for your free no obligation consultation and together we can explore your treatment options.

Q How exactly do anti-wrinkle injections work?


Anti wrinkle injections are injected in very small amounts into selected facial muscles to lessen the movement in these areas. They work by blocking the release of a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) known as acetylcholine from nerve cells. Acetylcholine normally transmits nerve impulses to muscle cells, causing them to contract. Without Acetylcholine, the affected nerve is unable to send a signal to the muscle it supplies, resulting in a weakened muscle, and a smoother, fresher and more relaxed appearance.

Q How long does the procedure take?


Anti wrinkle injections are often referred to as the "lunch time treatment". This is because the treatment itself is incredibly quick, only taking 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how many areas you are having treated.

However, at Euphoria we always allow enough time to fully assess your individual requirements, discuss your treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Q How long will your results last?


Results will typically last approximately 3 to 5 months depending on the individual and the area being treated; it is recommended that subsequent treatments are performed before movement returns completely, as this will prevent the muscles from returning to full strength.

Q How much will your treatment cost?


It is difficult to give an accurate quote for your treatment without assessing your individual requirements. For an indication of pricing please call Euphoria. 

Anti wrinkle injections are priced per unit or per area, based on using the maximum amount recommended for that particular area.

Crow’s feet (both eyes) are classed as one area

Frown lines are classed as one area

Forehead lines are classed as one area

However, some areas may not require the full amount and therefore the cost of your treatment will be reduced. At Euphoria you will only pay for the amount of units used. It is essential to have a free consultation prior to your initial treatment to determine your suitability for treatment, dose required to achieve your desired results and to discuss any medical contraindications.

Q How quickly will you see results?


Results are not instant and the effects of your treatment will gradually occur over 10 to 14 days. However, most people will start to see a softening effect after 5 to 6 days.

A review appointment is offered at around 2 weeks following your treatment. There is no charge for this appointment, and allows Rachel to assess your results and answer any questions you may have.

Q What causes wrinkles?


Every time you form an expression such as smiling, laughing, squinting, frowning, or raising your eyebrows, your facial muscles contract forming lines and wrinkles (dynamic lines). As you age your skin also becomes less supported and begins to lose elasticity, which means it doesn’t bounce back as well as it once did, this results in lines and wrinkles (static lines) becoming permanently etched into your skin. 

Q What happens when your results wear off?


Once the effect of your anti-wrinkle treatment has gradually worn off, or if you choose not to continue with anti-wrinkle treatments or even miss a treatment, the muscles in that area will simply regain their pre-treatment strength, and full movement will return to the area.

Q What is a dynamic line?


 A dynamic line is a line that only forms with movement; when the muscle is relaxed the line disappears. Anti-wrinkle injections are  particularly effective when used to treat dynamic lines as it will prevent those lines from becoming permanent static lines.

Q What is a static line?


A static line is a line that is present with or without movement. They may also soften over time with anti-wrinkle injections. In some facial areas dermal fillers may be recommended in conjunction with anti-wrinkle medication for optimum results, see our section on dermal fillers

Q What is a unit?

A unit is the measurement used to measure anti-wrinkle injection dosage amounts;
For eg: to treat one area, let's say the frown, it may require 40 to 50 units depending on the individual and the desired result.

Q What type of anti-wrinkle injection does Euphoria use?

In Australia there are three types of anti-wrinkle injections approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia).
There may be slight differences in how they are packaged and presented but the end result of treatment with either type is essentially the same.
For eg, you may use Panadol or Paracetamol to treat pain, both brands active ingredient is the same they just have different names and are distributed by different companies.
The type of anti-wrinkle injections used at Euphoria are classed as S4 medications, due to legislation we are not able to name the brand or active ingredients on our website.
Please call us on (07) 5514 0614 for more information.

Q When is the right time to start treatment with anti-wrinkle injections?

People often ask us at Euphoria when they should start having treatment with anti wrinkle injections. Ideally, it is best to begin treatments prior to lines appearing.
This will prevent lines and wrinkles from forming in the first instance.
However, you can start your treatments at any time, except of course if you are considered too young. Even if you have a few permanent lines already, they can be softened, and you will also prevent those lines becoming deeper and new ones from forming.

Q Why do you need a review appointment?

It is an important part of your treatment to attend a follow up appointment usually 2-3 weeks after your treatment.
This is so we can make sure your treatment has had the desired results and is working effectively, and that you are happy with your treatment outcomes.
There is no charge for this appointment and usually only takes 5-10 minutes. 

Q Will it hurt?

Because the treatment is minimally invasive, there is very little discomfort, the sensation can be likened to that of a small ant bite which only lasts for a few seconds. 

Q Will you bruise?


As with any procedure that involves needles and skin, although rare, there is a small risk of bruising. Certain medications such as, Aspirin, Nurofen, Fish Oil, Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba thin your blood and therefore increase the incidence of bruising.

Heavy consumption of alcohol in the days prior to your treatment may also increase the incidence of bruising. If you are taking any medication or supplements discuss this with our Nurse prior to your treatment. If you are taking medication for a medical condition do not stop taking it without your Doctors advice.  


Dermal Fillers

Q Are Dermal Fillers safe?


At Euphoria, we understand that having a cosmetic procedure (especially if it is your first time) can be a little daunting. There are numerous anti aging products and treatment options available to you, so how do you know what is the best and safest?

Two important facts to consider when deciding on a treatment are, the safety of the product being used and the qualifications, skill and experience of the person providing the treatment.

At Euphoria we only use products that have a proven safety record. Legislation prevents us from naming products on our website, (but please contact us if you would like more information). What I can tell you is, they are made in Sweden and have been used here in Australia for over 15 years, longer than any other of these types of Dermal Fillers and have performed over 20 million treatments worldwide, so their safety record speaks for itself.

As with any medical procedure there are potential side effects that should be fully explained to you prior to undergoing your treatment. Most of these are injection related such as swelling, bruising and discomfort which will resolve over a few days. As part of your treatment at Euphoria our Nurse Rachel  will discuss with you, your medical history, current medications, illness or allergies that may impact on your suitability to undergo treatment with Dermal Fillers.

Q How long will your result last?


The ingredient in Dermal Fillers is a naturally occurring sugar molecule, similar to that which is naturally present in our skin. The product that we use at Euphoria is less than 1% modified from its original form and is the closest of all these types of fillers to ingredients in our own skin. The gel like substance attracts and binds water resulting in increased volume to the treated area, (something our bodies are less efficient at doing as we age) so even long after the product itself has metabolised, we are left with residual hydration and our own natural collagen that has been stimulated to grow as a by-product of the injecting process.

The length of time that your treatment will last will vary dependant on a person’s age, skin condition and lifestyle habits as well as the type and amount of Dermal Filler product used and the area treated.

Just like ageing is a natural process that occurs over time, preventing, achieving  and maintaining results is also a gradual process that involves more than one treatment.

As a general rule, finer products injected into more mobile areas such as lips, lines around the mouth and fine lines around the eyes will typically last around 6 - 9 months.  Thicker products injected more deeply into the skin in areas such as cheeks, eye hollows and deep folds will typically last around 9 – 12 months, longer if subsequent top up treatments are carried out at around 4 to 5 months after your initial treatment.

Q How long will your treatment take?


 Depending on the area being treated and the dermal filler used, most treatments can be performed over a ½ to 1 hour appointment. Sometimes we will ask you to come in earlier for application of a topical anaesthetic cream.

Q How much will your Dermal Filler treatment cost?


The cost of your treatment will depend on the area being treated and the amount and type of product being used. At Euphoria we believe that treatments should be accessible to everybody and we will work with you to achieve the best results possible while respecting your individual budget.

If you would like more information regarding pricing, please call Euphoria Clinic on (07) 5514 0614

Q What happens to the product and your result once the product has gone?

Over time the ingredient in Euphoria Dermal Fillers is slowly metabolised (as explained in “how long will my results last”). This occurs gradually and it is recommended to retreat the area prior to it depleting completely, this way your result will be maintained for a much longer period of time.
However, you won’t fall apart if you choose not to retreat the area, it will simply return to its original state prior to treatment. In fact, even if you only did one treatment and never did it again you would still be in a better position than had you not had any treatments, partly due to the residual effects of increased hydration and collagen production and partly due to the fact that the areas treated won’t age at the same rate whilst product is present.

Q What will you look like immediately after your treatment?


As with any procedure there may be temporary associated side effects which are expected and therefore what you see on the day of your treatment is not the end result.

Rachel will discuss with you prior to your treatment any potential side effects, and how best to manage these.

The most common expected side affects following treatment with Dermal Fillers are:


In most cases this is minimal and will resolve over 24 – 48 hours. Rachel will advise you on the best ways to reduce and resolve swelling at completion of your treatment.


In any procedure where skin is penetrated there is a potential risk of bruising. In most cases bruises are tiny and can be easily covered with makeup. Some medications can increase the incidence of bruising and Rachel will discuss this with you prior to your treatment.


Mild discomfort is normal following treatment with Dermal Fillers and is easily managed with mild pain relief (paracetamol), applying ice packs to the treated areas and avoiding activities that can increase swelling, bruising and discomfort such as, strenuous exercise, spas and saunas, and some medications.

After care information will be explained to you at the completion of your treatment.

Q When can you have a treatment?


After your consultation, you will be provided with a personalised treatment recommendation plan. You may like to take some time to consider your options and book your treatment for another day, or, if you decide you would like to commence your treatment straight away this (time permitting) may also be done at the same appointment.

Q When should you come back to the clinic?


Following your treatment with Dermal Fillers our Nurse Rachel will advise you regarding aftercare. In the days following your treatment if you have any concerns or questions please call the clinic.

We also offer a review appointment at around 2 weeks following your treatment. There is no charge for this appointment and it allows Rachel to assess your results, answer any questions and ensure you are happy with your results.

Future appointments and treatments can be discussed on an ongoing basis. Rachel will advise you as to how often you may need to attend the clinic.

Q Who will perform your treatment and are they qualified?

Your treatment at Euphoria will only ever be performed by a registered medical professional. Rachel, our principal injector is highly skilled and highly experienced; she has worked as a Registered Nurse for 23 yrs, the past 13 years in the Cosmetic industry as an injector at clinics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  She has also been a clinical trainer for Q-med/Galderma training Doctors, Nurses and Plastic Surgeons throughout Queensland and N.S.W in the most up to date and advanced injecting techniques.
Euphoria also provide a free consultation with Dr May Marr, our prescribing Doctor. It is a legal requirement in QLD that any cosmetic medicine procedure be prescribed by a Doctor.
The combination of a quality product and an experienced Injector ensures a safe and effective treatment.

Q Will treatment with Dermal Fillers hurt?


This is one of the most common questions I am asked and for most clients it is something they are concerned about. I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase “no pain, no gain” At Euphoria our aim is “maximum gain, minimal pain”

To ensure your comfort throughout your procedure it is sometimes necessary to administer a small amount of local anaesthetic to the area being treated, using either a topical anaesthetic cream or tiny injections of a short acting local anaesthetic to completely numb the area.

Most Dermal Fillers now come with anaesthetic already in them, meaning fewer requirements for injected local anaesthetic.

Q Will you still look like you? (I don't want to look plastic or weird!)


You can rest assured that you will still look like you, just a fresher and more youthful you!

In most cases we are not adding anything that you didn’t already have, just simply restoring, replenishing and rejuvenating what has been lost over the years as we age.

No-one wants to appear as if they belong in a wax museum, or have just come out of a wind tunnel. We have all seen the pictures of many a Hollywood star who has gone too far, they begin to look strange and fake, which is not a desirable outcome.  

I can promise you that at Euphoria it is all about achieving subtle and natural looking results.


Q Are you a good candidate for Lipodissolve?


Lipodissolve is ideally suited to people who have small fatty deposits that won't budge even with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

It is has also proven to be effective in correcting irregularities post Liposuction.
Lipodissolve is not a weight loss treatment, rather an adjunct to diet & exercise.

Q Can Lipodissolve be used to reduce lower eye fat?


Yes, Lipodissolve can be used to reduce fat from lower eye pads, it is essential that you have a consultation prior to your treatment to properly assess this area and your suitability for treatment.

Q How is Lipodissolve administered?


Numbing cream is applied to the area for 15 minutes prior to your treatment. Lipodissolve is then administered to the selected treatment area/s using very fine needles or Dermapen. The actual injecting process is virtually pain free and very quick.

Q How soon will you see results & how many treatments will you need?


Within 2 weeks the treated areas slowly begin to soften, any minor bruising resolves and the fatty tissue thickness gradually begins to reduce. Most people begin to notice contour improvement around the 8th week & the maximum fat loss occurs between the 8th and 12th week, this is when the maximum changes in contours are noted. 

As it can take your body up to 12 weeks to fully remove the dissolved fat, permanent improvements continue to occur up to this time. 
Slight lumpiness due to the body preparing the fat cell contents for elimination can sometimes be felt (but not seen) in the treated areas during the first 10 weeks.
Lipodissolve offers a very gentle and simple solution to permanently improve unwanted fatty deposits – forever!
For optimum results we recommend 4 to 6 treatments, 2 to 4 weeks apart.

Q What will you look & feel like after your treatment with Lipodissolve?


Immediately following your Lipodissolve treatment you will have some redness and may experience a burning, stinging sensation (similar to that of sunburn). You will also have some swelling and tenderness around the treated area and occasionally bruising which may last for a few days to a week or so after your treatment.

It is advised that you wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Swelling and tenderness can be relieved with ice and mild pain relief such as Paracetamol. 

Q Will Lipodissolve hurt?


As with most treatments involving needles there is some mild discomfort during the procedure. However, pain is minimized through application of numbing cream and using ice packs, the needles used to administer Lipodissolve are extremely tiny and it only takes about 5 minutes to treat an average to large sized area. If you are concerned about pain please discuss this with our Nurse Rachel at your consultation appointment.

Dermapen Advanced Skin Needling

Q How long before you will see results?


Typically, you will see results after the first treatment. More significant and longer lasting results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments.

Your skin will continue to improve over the next 6 to 12 months after a course of treatments and when combined with the recommended post treatment care. 

Q How much will my Dermapen treatment cost?


It is difficult to give an accurate quote without seeing you in person as individual needs will vary. We offer free consultations to discuss treatment options and we can then provide you with a quote. Call us on 0755140614 to organise a time to come in.

Q How soon after dermal filler treatments can I have a Dermapen treatment?


Ideally it is better to have your Dermapen treatment prior to having dermal filler treatments, or wait at least 2 weeks after your Dermapen treatment, as this allows your skin time to heal. 

Q Is there any downtime after your treatment?


You may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after your treatment. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after their treatment. Mineral make-up can be applied to cover any redness, occasionally you may experience dry flaky skin for 1-2 days following treatment at deeper needle depths. 

Q Is treatment with Dermapen painful?

Dermapen needle depth is fully adjustable from 0.5mm up to 2.5mm.
At minimum needle depths Dermapen treatments are painless. For needle depths of 1mm and above we apply an anaesthetic cream for 15 minutes before your treatment. Most people find the treatment causes mild discomfort only. 

Q Should you prepare your skin before having a Dermapen treatment?

For optimum results we recommend using active treatment creams such as Vitamin A, C and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) for a period of 4 weeks prior to your Dermapen treatment. This allows your skin's strength to build up and reduces the incidence of side effects after your treatment. If you have a darker skin type or excessive pigmentation or sun damage it is paramount that you prepare your skin prior to commencing treatment.
Prescription strength Vitamin A cream, Vitamin C and AHA and pigment fading cream is available for purchase from Euphoria. You will be required to attend a consultation prior to purchasing prescription products.